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The document delivery service AutoDoc: fast, reliable and in compliance with copyright law

Would you like to order journal articles, patent documents, research results or conference reports quickly and easily, but do not know any suitable and reliable supplier?

What does AutoDoc offer?
AutoDoc quickly supplies you with: journal articles, conference reports, reports, grey literature, book chapters, patent documents, reprints and ePrints.

How do we work?
We owe our wide range of services to our cooperation with many renowned publishing houses, libraries and document suppliers worldwide.

Who supports you?
Our service team ensures that even the most difficult literature requests can be fulfilled. As a further service, we offer you support for your in-house customers in the event of staff shortages in your company library due to holydays or illness. We also train your employees or end-users for the optimal use of AutoDoc.

How do you use AutoDoc?
AutoDoc can be used as a stand-alone web service, as part of the STN Full-Text Solution or integrated in corporate intranets or portals such as Web of Science or PubMed.

You want to be on the safe side?
AutoDoc guarantees that the delivered documents are copyright-compliant. We only work with suppliers that adhere to the national copyright laws in question.

AutoDoc Order Processing
AutoDoc Order Processing


Taylor&Francis articles are now available for direct download
AutoDoc Academic Program Serves as a Supplement to Interlibrary Loan (ILL), Providing Instant Access to Full-Text, Copyright-Compliant Journal Articles